Becoming familiar with the Site

    The homepage picture is my preferred choice for each day. It will fill hearts with the sound of the beach and the poetry of the dawn. Digtal photograph files and prints will be available for sales within 3 hours of the Sunrise Times on the East Coast of Australia (Brisbane Time). All product you purchase will be sent within 1 week of the date of the 'Payment Confirmation' email I send you! Be sure to ask for any custom order you may have.

Getting around the Site
  Everything in this Site can be accessed from the links at the bottom of most pages. No footer links? Simply use the 'UP ARROW' in the galleries and/or HOME links. You're excited and keen? Visit Today's Select Six.
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Let me help a worthy cause!
  We don't own the Sun but we all own the World Wide Web; don't you just love its freedom! Consider the images of this site 'shareware' and tell your friends where the image came from. Send this Website to them right now?
  If you don't buy, this site will die! If you want to use an image then email me and ask. It will be my pleasure to assist any worthy cause or desire. I want everyone to get more than just 'heat'. A little warmth is nice!

London JONES
   Hey! That's me! Like all persons, at times, I have been half-full of myself and at others, half-empty. Yet every Sunrise I have experienced has filled me with wonder, inspiration and humbleness. The metronomic effect of the Sun had teased me for over 57 years before I finally succumbed to its hypnotic rhythm. I vowed to make the Sun's daily character available to all who ever wanted it and began on August 06 2003. The 20,880th sunrise of my life was the beginning of this Website. The best two sunrise photos for every day since then, up until July 2010 and then from August 2010 the best six, are displayed in Archived Photos, take your 'pic'.

The photos!
   What Nature makes of the dawn is all that is special about the photos! My greatest contribution is enthusiastically being there to preserve the sensational event for others to see. My theme is 'naivety' and the desired influences are the elements of Sun, Sea, Sky and Sand; a watchful eye and a steady hand - and a big bunch of technology to capture the glory!
   Every day 6 images are archived to disc, being: 3 portraits and 3 landscapes taken over a period of about 50 minutes. Even though I select the best of many shots they represent the entire session. It is my wish to offer all moods and as many compositions as is practical. If your desired day's shot in "TODAY'S SELECT SIX" is not as good as you would like you can have any image digitally adjusted. Adjustment is free and is particulary good for overcast days and in most cases can revive an otherwise 'soft' photograph. Just put your Instructions for Merchant during the online buying process. I will then contact you by email.
Customising an image costs AU$40.47 and can be paid when ordering or at a later time but before your photos are printed.

Simply ADD TO CART the CUSTOMISING OF ORDER option at the bottom of the blue BUY NOW table. Custom print sizes, selective cropping, adding text sentiments or embedding your personal images are all examples of customising. The $40.47 cost will cover most new changes to an image but if your requests exceed what can be done for the basic fee it will be a deposit and thus deducted from the agreed value we negotiate by email or phone.
   Recall that when customising your order the first step is to add CUSTOMISING OF ORDER to cart and follow this by instructing me of your proposed changes by clicking on "Instructions for Merchant"; this text box is under the list of your purchases when in the 2nd last step of the online ordering process, the step from which you finalise the payment. I will then contact you by email to confirm.